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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Atonement, A Murder Is Announced, and Lord of the Flies

As you can tell I have been quite busy since the last time I posted.  I will start with Atonement, this book was quite interesting because it was told from a few different view points.  First, from an omniscient point of view and then from the main male point of view and then from the young lady's point of view.  This story is based upon a young girl who loved to write and "publish her own books".  She writes a play when she finds out that her brother is coming home and and it just so happens that at the same time her cousins are coming in to stay because her aunt and uncle are getting a divorce.  Upon the cousins arrival things do not go as she has them laid out in her head.  As the events of the night unfold it sets up the premise for the rest of the story.  Her oldest cousin gets raped and accuses the main male and because of this he ends up in the armed forces.  The young girl's older sister also plays a huge role in the book as well.

Now on to Agatha Christie's A Murder Is Announced,  this book was definitely interesting and I look forward to reading more of her books.  This book takes place in a little English community where basically everyone knows everyone and everyone trusts their neighbors.  It starts with one day in the local newspaper there was an ad announcing that a murder was to take place at a certain address.  Even though the resident of the address knew nothing about this she decided to accept whoever decided to accept the mystery invitation.  Basically the people were preparing to play a murder game kind of like Clue.  At the designated hour the people were waiting in the study when the lights went out and a stranger opened the door and told the people to get their hands up and give them all their valuables, after that there were gunshots and the stranger laid in the floor dead, and the hostess was bleeding from the ear due to a gunshot wound.  This is when the detective comes in to play by trying to figure out who and was and why they did it.  This book was quite interesting because she leads you to believe one thing and then squashes that thought by proving it to be false.

Next was Lord of the Flies, because I assigned this to my honor students I figured it was about time that I read it myself.  This book is about a group of young boys who end up stranded on an island because of a plane crash.  Because there are no adults the children try to set up a tribe type situation.  But because there is some opposition to the "elected" ruler the tribe falls apart and there ends up being 2 tribes on the island.  The book ended in some ways the way I expected but in others not the way I expected.

Now I am currently reading Enduring Love  by Ian McEwan.

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